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Yiwu Yihui Import and Export Co., Ltd. is a professional foreign trade company engaged in import and export trade. It conducts domestic and foreign trade, import and export services, cooperative production, and entrepot trade.

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The price is 40,000 and the subsidy is nearly 10,000! Government support, the number of new electric vehicle registrations in the German market has increased by as much as 260%

According to data from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Administration, in December last year, the market share of electric and hybrid vehicles in Germany exceeded that of traditional diesel-engine vehicles for the first time.

With the warmth of spring, the demand for bicycles in Russia has increased, and the demand for related accessories has soared

The shortage is related to the sharp increase in consumer demand for goods in 2020 and the shutdown of some factories, coupled with the continuous delay in the supply of accessories

Vietnam reforms food import and export and quality inspection methods

One is to simplify inspection procedures and procedures. To maximize the role of the information system, the inspection of related procedures is realized through the national single window platform managed by the customs department, and the inspection met